On this website, you will find out more about Organic Electronics and Microsystems (OEM) related activities at the University of Bordeaux. The Organic Electronics and Microsystems Research Group (named « ORGANIC GROUP » in the flowchart of IMS laboratory) was created in June 2012.  Our group consists of materials scientists, physicists, and electrical engineers. We also work in strong collaboration with chemists to develop new materials and new devices. Our main interests focus on the electro-optical and electro-mechanical aspects of organic materials. Research activities in the group include modeling, design, fabrication and characterization of organic electronic devices. The devices being developed within the ELORGA and TAMIS platforms are:

  • Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs, perovskites)
  • Organic and hybrid Solar Cells (OPV, DSSC and hybrid perovskite)
  • Organic photodetectors (OPD)
  • Transistors (TFTs, OFETs, OECTs, OLETs)
  • Micro ElectroMechanical Systems (polymer MEMS, Si MEMS)
  • Physical, Chemical and Biological Sensors
  • Soft Actuators

These devices are of practical interest for alternative energy sources, display, electronic circuits and sensors.